Hello my name is Alexandra.

I am a wanderer just looking for some good company.



-sociology student

-free spirit

-old soul

-in love w/ Laurence

Always learning, growing and discovering new things about myself and the world.

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.

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I pull the dumbest faces, I apologize. So not photogenic, at all. I’m like omg photo pout bc I can’t smile properly bc un-co. 
Look at how dry the skin on my face is, I’m using this natural stuff called Suki which is about the only thing that doesn’t sting my face. In swear I’m like disintegrating and falling apart. That’s how bad my skin is at the moment.
Anyway, who cares about my skin, It’s a beautiful fucking day seeing as It’s like a week away from Winter, so I’m going to go for a run and enjoy it before the drizzly weather settles in for the season. 
Have a nice day all!

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